versus is an independent studio in sheung wan, a mere 3-minute walk from 'the center'. we specialise in brazilian jiu-jitsu (bjj), mixed martial arts (mma) and kickboxing (muay thai), but we also do great general fitness, strengthening and conditioning and weight-loss programs.

versus is fully-equipped to provide you with the best training experience, we may not have the fanciest equipment but we have everything you need to get the results.

​training at versus is top-notch; train where real fighters and professionals train. you don't have to step inside the ring but just know you will train just like a fighter and be as fit as one. as with any fitness programs, time and dedication is essential in order to reap rewards, so why not do it in a fun, interactive way, and in a small community where people actually get to know you?

​​our goal is to provide best-valued, quality training in a safe, clean and friendly environment. we differ from large, commercial gyms, where they tend to be impersonal; the first gym rule at versus is to 'be courteous and respectful, say hi to others when you come in' - so drop in and see if versus is the right gym for you.​


5th floor, workington tower
bonham strand east
sheung wan
hong kong

​​tel  +852 2851 1929