About Us

Willer was established in 1975, with business specializing in various imported packaging material in relation to bottle and cap.

Our products are commonly used in the fields of cosmetics, skincare, medicines, food, cleansing and chemical business. They are included: flint and amber glass bottle; imported plastic bottles and caps; perfume atomizers and cosmetic packaging; pump dispensers and sprayers; glass dropper; aluminium tube and plastic PE tube; metal Lup caps with safety button, shrinkwrap film and etc.

In order to cope with expansion of our business and closely serve to our customers, we have established our representative offices and associated offices in different regions of China. We do help that we can work with you in all stages of product development and bring products to life.

Contact Us

Company Name : Willer Imports Limited
Address : Flat C, 2/F., Splendid Centre, 100 Larch Street, Kln, Hong Kong
Tel  : (852) 2393 3181
Fax : (852) 2789 1007
E-mail : sales@willer.com.hk